Koi CBD Vape

Koi CBD Vape


Koi CBD-Isolate vape juice. Blue raspberry and dragon fruit, tropical popsicle, or vanilla caramel custard flavors. 1,000 mg

Daily Grind | CBD

Daily Grind 1,000 mg broad-spectrum oral CBD tincture or vape juice. Either available in Chai Latte, Cafe Con Leche, or Mocha Frappe flavors.

Koi CBD Gummies

Koi CBD Gummies

$9.99 for 6 or $25.99 for 20

Koi 1,000 mg oral CBD Tincture

1,000 mg Full-spectrum oral CBD tincture. Available in lemon-lime, spearmint, pepermint, or strawberry

Koi 2,000 mg oral CBD Tincture

2,000 mg Full-spectrum oral CBD tincture. Available in spearmint, pepermint, or strawberry

500 mg oral CBD Tincture

500 mg Full-spectrum oral CBD tincture. Available in pepermint, or strawberry

Koi 1,000 mg CBD-isolate Vape

Koi 500 mg CBD-isolate vape juice. Available in Blue raspberry dragonfruit, trapical popsicle, or vanilla caramel custard.

Koi CBD Bath Bombs


Koi 100 mg bath bomb

Koi Wellness Shots


Koi Wellness Shots drink with 25 mg of CBD. Available in raspberry punch, watermelon, or melatonin-infused peach iced tea.

WYLD CBD Blackberry Sparkling Water


WYLD CBD Blackberry sparkling water, infused with real fruit, and 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD

WYLD CBD Blackberry Gummies

$34.99 for 20

WYLD CBD blackberry gummies, made with real fruit and infused with 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD.

HX3 1,000 mg CBD-Isolate Oral Tincture


HX3 1,000 mg CBD-isolate oral tincture for pre or post workout. Available in Banana nut, Chocolate Cream, or Vanilla Shake.

Dose (Iso) Isolate


5% Active CBD Isolate, Available in Pear or Mango

Dose (Ultra-7) Full Spectrum


7% Active Full Spectrum CBD, Available in Pear or Mango

Koi 500 mg full-spectrum oral


strawberry or peppermint

Koi 1,000 mg full-spectrum oral Tincture


Lemon Lime

Koi Naturals 2,000 mg full-spectrum oral Tincture



Koi Gummies 6 pack


10mg - per gummy

Koi Gummies 20 pack


10mg - per gummy

Koi balm


travel-size tin, 150 mg

Koi lotion


200 mg

Koi pet chews


25 pieces, 2.5 mg

Koi pet spray


500 mg, 60 ml

Spiro CBD pod kit



Spiro 500 mg pod



Spiro 1,000 mg pod



Hippie, or Siren CBD vape juices, 250 mg or 500 mg

$24.99 or $39.99

Hippie Munchie Crunch (peanut butter banana granola),
Hippie Psychadelic Orc (oatmeal raisin cookie),
Hippie Chillin Melon (watermelon mint),
Hippie Surreal Cereal (nutty honey cereal),
Siren Mazu (berry melon),
Siren Neresa (blueberry lemon tart),
Siren Nixie (mango)

Sync CBD vape juices 500 mg or 1,000 mg

$39.99 or $59.99

Sync Lemon Tart,
Sync Purple Haze (Grape, Lychee, and Lemonade),
Sync Melon Berry

Vape Isolate - 1,000mg


Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit
Tropical Popsicle
Vanilla Caramel Custard
Watermelon Green Apple Sour